Where Are You On Your Weight Loss Journey?

I am completely overwhelmed with the relationships in my life right now. To the extreme that I’ve had to blink back tears several times this week. A common tactic of domestic violence is to isolate the victim from relationships. If emotional abuse is prevalent then the victim can remove themselves even further from community.

Being alone in those first few days was a sweet relief to me. But then, I found myself utterly alone without any relationships to lean on. So, the treasured relationships I have in my life now, to be honest, still feels like a shock at times. I am unbelievably grateful to be known and loved many times over.

As humans we were created for just that! To be in relationships with other people!

Think back to the first person on earth, Adam. He lived by himself with only the animals for company. God Himself, saw Adam and said that it wasn’t good for man to be alone. Or, look at Jesus the Son of God who had direct access with God in ways that we don’t understand as he is a part of the Trinity. Even Jesus surrounded himself with relationships! Don’t remember? Start reading in the beginning of the New Testament and you’ll find 12 men who left their livelihoods to camp and travel with Jesus. I also see Paul who wrote a lot of the books inside the Bible. He too, had people leave their homes to come live and work beside him.

It wasn’t always easy for me to be authentic and vulnerable with the relationships I have today. Can you imagine how being a domestic violence survivor instantly changes the mood in conversations? Still, that’s what it takes to build up trusting relationships. I give a little, they give a little and hopefully we meet in the middle. Truthfully, that doesn’t always happen. So when it does, I’m all the more grateful!

Are you wondering right now how in the world this connects to living a healthy lifestyle or losing weight? I assure you it does. You’re likely aware I’ve lost a lot of weight. But, you probably don’t know how many times I tried to lose weight on my own and failed. Yup. I failed. A few times I’d lose a little then gain it back immediately with more pounds. This happened to me over and over and over.

It wasn’t until I brought a couple people around me that I could honestly talk with on this difficult and sensitive topic that I truly began to lose the weight.

I thought I had learned my lesson until, a few days ago I realized I was making the same mistake all over again! Seriously! I was attempting to get out of maintaining and back into weight loss mode but it wasn’t happening. God showed me I was attempting and failing to do it alone and in my own strength.

You might not believe it but, earlier this week I was rationalizing how to have pizza for dinner while a text came in from a friend who had run 4 miles. I burst into laughter and called them to say thank you.

As if that wasn’t enough, God drove the point home again when another good friend texted me a few hours later with some awesome weight loss results.

I am so happy they each decided to do something different. They made unique action plans and reached out for relational accountability when starting to implement the changes. They have both inspired and challenged me. I’m recommitting to finish my own weight loss goal which isn’t decided by a number on the scale but also with inches lost and how great I feel.

Where are you on your weight loss journey? Do you have relationships which you can depend on to encourage and challenge you throughout your journey?

where are you on your weight loss journey