What Do You Dream Of For Your Life?

I have dreams that I talk about. I have a few dreams I keep to myself.

You know the ones I’m talking about. The ideas so precious you can’t tell anyone. Why do you keep them a secret?

For me, I’m scared.

Scared if I tell someone I’ll be laughed at because they are big dreams. Scared I’ll be told I can’t accomplish it. I’m scared if I say it out loud then that dream won’t become real, and it’ll never happen. I’m scared I can’t do it and I will look like a fool. I’m scared to give up what I’ve held on so tightly to.

Clinging onto a dream, will never allow it to grow, to unfold and build into a reality. A dream is a fantasy, an illusion. But a dream can become a vision if given clarity and goals.

These dreams we clutch, hidden in frozen fingers, are only regrets. Unless we let go of the fears holding us in bondage, we cannot take the first steps making these dreams into reality.

This is my dream. To write a blog that inspires you into action. This is my beginning. What’s yours?

What are your dreams that no one knows? What is one step you can take today to begin making your dreams into reality? Talk to someone you trust. Write it down. Perhaps, your step is to simply admit a dream which seems so far out of reach to yourself.

Whatever your step is, do it today! You won’t regret it.