New Hashtag!


I feel like I need to clap for myself and begin a round of applause. Welcome back Briana to! It has been an interesting summer for me. I’m doing so well! Thank you everyone who reached out lately and asked me how I’m doing. I’ve really appreciated it.

Long story short, a couple months ago I created a HUGE list of how I wanted to grow this summer and what I wanted to accomplish.

I didn’t get any of it done.

As you can see, I’ve been inconsistent with my blogging this summer.

However, God’s agenda for me was way better than the agenda I had for myself.

God brought me into a sweet season of deepening current relationships and starting new ones. Of continuing my journey of healing from abuse in small areas I hadn’t gotten to yet. And answering fervent prayers that I now have a local church body I am safe in, volunteering at and feel at home in.

School has started and I didn’t realize how much I missed my students! I’ve been praying a lot about this new school year. Don’t you just love the idea of a fresh new start? That anything is possible?

Have you taken a little quiet time to reflect what you would like for this next season of your life to look like?

Are you in a sweet consistent season that you are continuing in? Does your life seem too busy? Or does it feel like one crisis after another?

I’ve been praying for this new season for me and what it should look like. For my students, for my music classes, for my writing, for my relationships, where to spend my time and for each of you who follow me.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to take a couple moments by yourself to think about where you are now and where you feel you need to be. When you do take a moment I encourage you to take Proverbs 16:9 with you. It says, “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.”

This is my hope and prayer for myself and for you.

We can make a lot of plans, dreams and goals. But without God it won’t be the life you really want. Go where God leads you. Be open that your journey may not look exactly how you thought it would or should. Never forget that God’s journey for you is so much better than any journey you try to make happen on your own.

Very soon I’ll be going into my 6th month of blogging here at It has been an amazing adventure. I want to thank you for your patience as I’m learning my way. It was my original desire to write about topics on this blog separately. However I believe I’ve created a discombobulated feel within this website and my writing.

So…I’ve created a new hashtag which encapsulates where I’m at right now in my journey. It describes where I’m heading and hopefully is in the essence of each blog post. #healthylifestyleinsideandout

I’m creating and solidifying a healthy lifestyle with my eating choices along with choosing to be emotionally healthy on the inside. Welcome into this new season with me! Let’s step in it together.

Where are you heading on your journey? What season is your life in right now? Where does God want to take your steps?