My Story

I’m Briana. You’ve probably figured that out already. Almost everyone calls me Bri.

Slowly the nickname Bri became an identity. Partly of my own choosing and partly from being controlled and told who I had to be. I like to be Bri. The fun outgoing redhead who makes people feel cared about and encouraged. That is part of who I am. I was exploited when I was forced to work in sales. It was as if, all the other aspects of me disappeared. I could only be Bri.

Years went by without hearing my given name, Briana. Suddenly, I was left to be on my own. The daily controlling demands disappeared. I was relieved. I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the obese unhappy person looking back at me. I didn’t know who I was.

That’s about the same time I heard it. My mom called me on the phone, and used MY name “Briana.”

Now, I’m living in a safe location. Running my own business. I hear both of my names weekly. And, I’ve lost 70 pounds!

People still describe me as the fun, outgoing redhead. But now, the rest of me, who wasn’t allowed to exist is also a part of my daily life. I process emotionally (as many females do), like to be prepared, creative, and enjoy trying new things!

I am over halfway in my weight loss journey. I gained 110 pounds while I was in an unhealthy marriage. I’ve got 40 more to go (or so depending on muscles mass and inches). I have been SO tempted to just give up and stay where I am. I look much better than I did. I’m not where I want to be or close to where I was before. I can’t quit on myself. If I stopped here, I would be giving up on me.

I was very blessed to have a friend encourage me the other day, “You’ve come so far. You can’t stop now!” She’s right. If I don’t go all the way, it’ll be because I am choosing not to. I don’t have anyone holding me back from my dreams anymore. I cannot be the person holding myself back.

So, do you want to go on this crazy journey with me? Are you holding yourself back from something in your life?

I see a journey as the process of getting to a destination one step at a time. Let’s do it together! Take your next step with me.


a.k.a. Bri