We make hundreds of choices every day. Beginning from the moment you wake up. Once the alarm goes off will you immediately hop out of bed right or push snooze and roll over? Which outfit will you wear? Will you make the bed or leave it a mess? How long will you brush your teeth? What’s long enough for fresh breath? Which route is the fastest drive to work?  And, if you have children, then you have even more choices and often give them some input in the decision process.

A couple years ago, these seemingly mundane and insignificant decisions were stripped away from me. I do not take for granted the freedom I now have to make daily decisions.

It was an agonizing process for me to recognize that I do have the power to make choices for myself. Then, I began to think and decide what is was that I wanted. After that I chose to start the even harder process and took actions toward what I wanted.

As to my weight loss, I admitted that I had complete control of what food I did or did not put into my mouth. Which left me with a lot of choices!

So, how are your choices going these days?

This afternoon while I was driving home from work, I was suddenly ravenously hungry! I shouldn’t have been since I’d planned my food for the day and had eaten all my meals and snacks. And, I was on track with my water consumption. There was no reason I should have been hungry. Thankfully I had some extra veggies packed in my lunchbox thanks to a recent suggestion and challenge from a friend that I begin to try new foods and add more variety to my meals. But…I really wanted to stop for fast food. Thus, the great debate began inside of me. Do I eat healthy or do I not?

Is that how it is for you? Do you know what good options are but don’t want to eat them? The Bible verse James 4:17 (English Standard Version), “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”

Sometimes, thinking about that verse is enough for me to make the best choice for myself in the moment. And sometimes, it isn’t. Earlier today, it was honestly the thought of editing this blog post tonight that was already half written on the topic of choices (seriously, how cool is that?)! Which gave me the willpower to overcome my cravings.

So, here are 3 options you can use when you are struggling to make the best choices for yourself in your healthy eating journey. I use all 3 regularly.

  1. Accountability Have a trusted friend or counselor set up for weekly weigh in and food journal reviews.
  2. Be Prepared  Cook your meals and pack your food for the whole day ahead of time. It seems like a lot of work, and it is every week. But my weight loss results drastically intensified when I did this.
  3. Food Journal Write it all down! Every bite of food and ounce of liquid consumed along with how you’re feeling.

Please write a comment below and let me know which of these works for you! Or, do you use all three?

I’m praying for you as you take each step on this journey with me!


p.s. In case you were curious, I chose to eat the celery I had with me and didn’t stop for a treat. 😉

Bri Celery