When I Am Quiet

Day 21 -Domestic Violence Awareness Month #pray4dvfreedom

Often when I’m quiet on social media or my blog, it’s because I’ve withdrawn to pray.

In those times I am currently growing so much that I do not have the words yet to communicate with you.

Every time this has happened since I launched my blog www.journeywithbri.com I am even more overwhelmed by people in my life reaching out to me through texts, voicemails, emails and social media. I feel so loved in those moments that all I can do is cry.

I literally cannot stop the tears sliding down my cheeks. Neither do…

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Are You Ready For Change?

I’ll never lose this weight.

Why try if I can’t do it?

Just because it worked for them doesn’t mean it’ll work for me.

They don’t understand my life, my injuries, or how badly I need that ice cream.

I’ve tried everything. Why put myself through this again?

No matter what I do I gain weight.

I’m too old for this.

I’ll start tomorrow.

It didn’t work before. Why would it work for me now?

Have you had these thoughts? I have and many, many others over the years. The guilt and shame I placed on myself was immeasurable. The constant stream of negative self-talk that no one…

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New Hashtag!


I feel like I need to clap for myself and begin a round of applause. Welcome back Briana to www.journeywithbri.com! It has been an interesting summer for me. I’m doing so well! Thank you everyone who reached out lately and asked me how I’m doing. I’ve really appreciated it.

Long story short, a couple months ago I created a HUGE list of how I wanted to grow this summer and what I wanted to accomplish.

I didn’t get any of it done.

As you can see, I’ve been inconsistent with my blogging this…

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Where Are You On Your Weight Loss Journey?

I am completely overwhelmed with the relationships in my life right now. To the extreme that I’ve had to blink back tears several times this week. A common tactic of domestic violence is to isolate the victim from relationships. If emotional abuse is prevalent then the victim can remove themselves even further from community.

Being alone in those first few days was a sweet relief to me. But then, I found myself utterly alone without any relationships to lean on. So, the treasured relationships I have in my life now, to be honest, still feels like a shock at times….

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Water Under The Bridge

I was talking with a friend who shared with me that they were grateful to be where God had them now, but still felt like years were wasted getting there. I nodded in understanding. I’d spent 5 years letting someone continuously abuse me.

I heard the words from inside my heart spill out of my mouth, “It’s like water under the bridge. That’s gone and in the past. Just be where God has you right now.”

Forgiveness can be confusing and frustrating. Yet, learning how to forgive is a complex part of healing.

Forgiving starts with admitting what happened. What actions/words hurt…

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I Just Want Pizza!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I had a moment recently that I’m not proud of. My willpower, small goals, big goals, past encouragement and recent weight loss win didn’t work. I was hanging out with a group of friends where the tantalizing smell of pizza surrounded me. Everyone one else was eating cheesy, steaming pizza. I watched them chew as I sipped my lukewarm water. It had been a really long day. And I wanted… no scratch that. I felt like I needed pizza. Thus, the great debate in my head began.

I convinced myself…

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