Grief Strikes Without Warning

My dad called me last week and asked, “Bri, it’s been a few days since we talked. In your world that’s an eternity. How’s it going?”

Once my burst of laughter dissipated we took advantage of my drive time and got caught up. Though he was joking, his point is true. I often move through stages and emotions quickly. I’ve learned how to hold on to lessons learned and let go of hurts. And, I’ll seek help when I can’t figure it out on my own. Still, I can only shake my head and laugh because for months, there’s been…

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We make hundreds of choices every day. Beginning from the moment you wake up. Once the alarm goes off will you immediately hop out of bed right or push snooze and roll over? Which outfit will you wear? Will you make the bed or leave it a mess? How long will you brush your teeth? What’s long enough for fresh breath? Which route is the fastest drive to work?  And, if you have children, then you have even more choices and often give them some input in the decision process.

A couple years ago, these seemingly mundane and insignificant decisions…

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Water Under The Bridge

I was talking with a friend who shared with me that they were grateful to be where God had them now, but still felt like years were wasted getting there. I nodded in understanding. I’d spent 5 years letting someone continuously abuse me.

I heard the words from inside my heart spill out of my mouth, “It’s like water under the bridge. That’s gone and in the past. Just be where God has you right now.”

Forgiveness can be confusing and frustrating. Yet, learning how to forgive is a complex part of healing.

Forgiving starts with admitting what happened. What actions/words hurt…

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How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?


How often should you step on the scale when trying to lose weight? Before we get into it, how did your week go tracking what you ate and drank? I took the challenge as well to track on my phone and it didn’t great. Traveling across the country to surprise my dad for his birthday probably distracted me a little! So, I have multiple half completed days logged. Today, has been awesome. My goal is just to finish strong today. Then, do it again tomorrow!

I’m curious did the title of this post…

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What Do You Dream Of For Your Life?

I have dreams that I talk about. I have a few dreams I keep to myself.

You know the ones I’m talking about. The ideas so precious you can’t tell anyone. Why do you keep them a secret?

For me, I’m scared.

Scared if I tell someone I’ll be laughed at because they are big dreams. Scared I’ll be told I can’t accomplish it. I’m scared if I say it out loud then that dream won’t become real, and it’ll never happen. I’m scared I can’t do it and I will look like a fool. I’m scared to give up what I’ve…

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