Being FBO – “Facebook Official”

Apparently it’s a thing when in a dating relationship to be FBO also known as, “Facebook official”. FBO is a term I had never heard of before a few weeks ago.
I was catching up with a good friend when her husband walked by and commented with a grin, “Congratulations! I hear you’re FBO now.”
I burst into confused laughter. I knew from his teasing grin that he was talking about my boyfriend but I had no clue what FBO was. My confusion must have been all over my facial expressions because my friend quickly explained before I could ask what he’d meant.
“I hope it’s O.K. I told him you were going Facebook official.”
“It was definitely O.K. to tell him.” I assured her. “But, is that a real thing? Being FBO?”
“Yes!” She said. “And apparently it’s a BIG deal now.”

I can be overwhelmed at times how drastically technology and social media has changed our society. When I was being abused I was geographically kept away from my family and friends. But I was also isolated by not being allowed to be involved with social media.

So, I have had a steep learning curve with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among other social media platforms these past couple years.

To some, my relationship status change on Facebook came as a huge shock. To others, it was a surprise. And to those around me, it was a celebration.

I’ve been going on first dates for most of this calendar year. Dating has been a journey within itself! Dating after divorce is different. Dating after abuse is a challenge. And dating when I’ve chosen to live my life authentically on my blog is uncommon.

Needless to say, it has been quite the unique experience so far!
Still, I am grateful to be in this season of my journey with all of it’s twists and turns.

I am excited to be FBO! Now that I know it is a BIG deal I assume everyone has their own definition or opinion of what that means. So, I’m going to explain what being FBO means to me.
I am in an exclusive dating relationship with a man I respect and am excited to continue getting to know. Our beliefs, values and lives seem to match up. We are both interested in pursuing a relationship towards marriage.
We may or may not get married. We may or may not break up.
Either way, I’m excited for this phase of life and to be walking this part of my journey with #bridrew.
Going Facebook official was something I wanted to do. It was something we felt ready for. Being anonymous for 3 months was enough time for us. Now, as we are slowly enmeshing our lives together, becoming Facebook official was just one small part of that process for me.

I know of other couples who have been dating longer than I have and do not feel the need or desire to change their status or picture on Facebook. It is wonderful that they are following the path they have chosen while pursuing the relationship they’re in. There is no right or wrong way to be or not be FBO.

For me, I’ve chosen a lifestyle where I share my life and my stories with you because I feel God has led me to do so. And I am blessed to be in a relationship with a boyfriend who supports my choices and encourages me to continue living my life however God calls me.

As I continue on in my personal journey, the Bible verse that comes to mind is Deuteronomy 4:6 “Love the LORD your God with all of your heart and with all your soul and will all your strength. These commands that I give you today are to be on your hearts.” (NIV)

That verse tells me to love God with every fiber of my being and which I am continually striving to do. And the proof is in my actions and daily choices. I don’t know about you, but I can’t separate my relationship with God from journey. And being in a relationship is just one aspect of that. I’m still seeking a #healthylifestyleinsideandout and loving my job of teaching music to my students.

I am living life in the fullness of God’s grace. And I am grateful for God’s redemption.
I’m sure I’ll be writing more about relationships in the future. As I believe God has given me a lot of wisdom and experience to help others.

I am also grateful to add #bridrew as another addition to my support team along with the rest of you!
Thank you for reading my blog and being on this journey with me!