New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Can you believe the end of the first week in January 2017 is already here? Time seems to be going quicker with each year that passes. Yet I absolutely love New Year’s Eve.

I like to stay up late writing my New Year’s resolutions and ring in the New Year watching the ball drop then fall asleep to the hope of good changes to come and the ability that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I think I love New Year’s Eve so much because of the potential fresh start the New Year brings.

The idea…

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My Secret How To Maintain Weight Loss During The Holidays

If it’s one thing I’ve learned these past couple years it’s that being healthy is a journey with no ending destination.

I have been the same weight since this past April. I lost all my tone and muscle definition with my foot injury but I’m wearing the same clothes and the scale has the same number on it. I’m grateful to have maintained my weight loss through my foot injury. But I have been missing my old routines and am planning on getting back into them in January 2017.

I’ve thought about restarting now but being in the middle of the…

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Being FBO – “Facebook Official”

Apparently it’s a thing when in a dating relationship to be FBO also known as, “Facebook official”. FBO is a term I had never heard of before a few weeks ago.
I was catching up with a good friend when her husband walked by and commented with a grin, “Congratulations! I hear you’re FBO now.”
I burst into confused laughter. I knew from his teasing grin that he was talking about my boyfriend but I had no clue what FBO was. My confusion must have been all over my facial expressions because my friend quickly explained before I could ask what…

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Will You Vote?

I did something today that I didn’t want to do.

I voted.

But I am blessed to live in a country where I have a voice. It was important for me to use my voice just as I have been in my journey now that I’m not being abused anymore.

When facing a no-win situation a decision must still be made.

What will you do with your no-win choices?



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Are You Living In Your Past Or In Joy?

It may seem to you like I’ve been thinking and talking about abuse for over a month. It actually concerned a few of my friends! I had multiple people ask me how I was doing with the daily blog posting (which I appreciate by the way).

I was asked the following two questions,

“How are you doing with writing about it everyday?”

“Don’t you feel like you’re living in the past?”

I had moments where I felt overwhelmed this month. The commitment I made to blog everyday was more than I could handle in the second half of October as it overlapped with…

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When I Am Quiet

Day 21 -Domestic Violence Awareness Month #pray4dvfreedom

Often when I’m quiet on social media or my blog, it’s because I’ve withdrawn to pray.

In those times I am currently growing so much that I do not have the words yet to communicate with you.

Every time this has happened since I launched my blog I am even more overwhelmed by people in my life reaching out to me through texts, voicemails, emails and social media. I feel so loved in those moments that all I can do is cry.

I literally cannot stop the tears sliding down my cheeks. Neither do…

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Is A Target On Your Back?

Day 14 -Domestic Violence Awareness Month #pray4dvfreedom

Abusers learn how to work the system. They play on people’s emotions to get what they want.

I’ve met many Christians who have big hearts wanting to help other people. Abusers see that as well. It’s like, nice people have a big red target on their back invisible to others but with a neon light to abusers. And abusers use it to their advantage.

So, let’s be wise with people (potential abusers) who give you that, “something’s not quite right here…” feeling so that we’re not being used for their deceptive purposes.




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It Takes A Village

Day 13 -Domestic Violence Awareness Month #pray4dvfreedom

Have you ever heard that it takes a village to raise a child? It also takes a village to raise a victim into a survivor.

Let’s be the Christian community surrounding victims with God’s love instead of our judgement of their lives.



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Are You Annoyed?

Day 11 -Domestic Violence Awareness Month #pray4dvfreedom

I had a friend comment last week, “I know abuse is awful but it seems like I keep hearing about it everywhere I go.”

I’m not sure she appreciated my response.

Which was a smile.

I bet you’re wondering, how on earth can I smile about abuse?

Because it’s being talked about.

If the secret of abuse happening is removed by talking about it then, the truth of the detestable violence will be brought out into the light. Victims can begin to heal and the abuser may choose to repent.

Just like the Bible says in Mark 4:22, “For…

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