About Me


I’ve come so far it’s exhilarating! These pictures are bittersweet for me. I have not yet reached my weight loss goal. It isn’t a secret anymore that I was in a destructive marriage evidenced by the 110 pounds I gained. I had lost 67lbs when this this picture was taken. According to my basic accounting, that’s 43 more pounds to lose. I’m on my way! I’m inviting you along as I finish this.

I feel so blessed to have women and men tell me I’ve inspired them into a new journey of their own! It’s so exciting to hear about their weight loss and personal life changes. I cannot stop smiling as I witness their results.
I’ve been having the same conversation with multiple people over the past few months. I’m grateful to be healthy and healed to be asked my advice on how to safely leave an unhealthy relationship/marriage and on weight loss.

The frequency of these conversations have drastically increased as my relationship history and weight loss victories have become common knowledge. I hope my written words will encourage and inspire you as much as the in-person and phone conversations have to others.

All that said, I’ve known for a long time that I should be writing but have been running away from it (don’t you love how I slipped that in there so quick you might have missed it?). Now, I’ve made the decision that I am no longer going to live my life in fear or hold myself back in any way! This life change has led me to start this blog. Please forgive my bad grammar and welcome on this journey with me!