Being FBO – “Facebook Official”

Apparently it’s a thing when in a dating relationship to be FBO also known as, “Facebook official”. FBO is a term I had never heard of before a few weeks ago.
I was catching up with a good friend when her husband walked by and commented with a grin, “Congratulations! I hear you’re FBO now.”
I burst into confused laughter. I knew from his teasing grin that he was talking about my boyfriend but I had no clue what FBO was. My confusion must have been all over my facial expressions because my friend quickly explained before I could ask what…

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Will You Vote?

I did something today that I didn’t want to do.

I voted.

But I am blessed to live in a country where I have a voice. It was important for me to use my voice just as I have been in my journey now that I’m not being abused anymore.

When facing a no-win situation a decision must still be made.

What will you do with your no-win choices?



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Are You Living In Your Past Or In Joy?

It may seem to you like I’ve been thinking and talking about abuse for over a month. It actually concerned a few of my friends! I had multiple people ask me how I was doing with the daily blog posting (which I appreciate by the way).

I was asked the following two questions,

“How are you doing with writing about it everyday?”

“Don’t you feel like you’re living in the past?”

I had moments where I felt overwhelmed this month. The commitment I made to blog everyday was more than I could handle in the second half of October as it overlapped with…

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